What I didn’t know yesterday I can learn today

This week we have mostly been learning about dog training, being a clerical support person at the primary school, stuff about green building and how that might stack up alongside planning permission. I sometimes wish I could plug part of my brain in somewhere else while I get on with things and have it uploaded with all the new information I want to process to let me get on with the next thing I want to be doing.

Prioritising what we learn about first and next can be tricky. Right now we have a short term pressing need to be working out what we’ll be living in come the winter. Given we are barely out of this winter yet that could seem a little premature to be worrying about but I think it is essential that we give headspace to next winter while we are still experiencing the tail end of this one. The struggles need to be fresh in our minds otherwise we run the very real risk of getting to July and deciding the winter wasn’t *that* bad and resigning ourselves to another year in the static.

But first come living creatures and we’ve realised that Bonnie is in need of more stimulation, training and time and attention. So armed with google and a newly arrived book on brain training tricks for dogs we’ve been doing indoor and outdoor training. We’ve covered ‘leave’, ‘over’, ‘weave’ and ‘touch’ in the last few days mixing a healthy dose of indoor calm and concentrating with outdoor crazy running about. She seems to be thriving on it and we’re all quite excited at the prospect of a trained, obedient and fulfilled dog having realised that we were falling short on giving her enough direction. Rookie dog owners we may be but we’re learning as we go along and making sure we do the best by everyone.

reading the theory first – trying not to be distracted by that view.

and then the practise!

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