What a week!

I have great intentions to do a FAQ for the blog but perhaps unsurprisingly I’ve not managed to get round to it this week. It’s been a pretty busy week so far and we still have Sunday to go.

There is no such thing as a typical week here, not even a typical day really but this week has probably been a fair representation of the way life twists and turns in unexpected directions when you least expect it here.

On Monday morning we went to the village for various bits and pieces then the four of us headed out for a walk. We had an inkling that life may get a bit crazy after 9pm but no real idea what direction the crazy may take. I wanted to take some time to reflect, to get some perspective and a really clear reminder of what is actually important to us. So we walked out, into the island to a higher place where you look down on the village and the croft and see how very small our little corner of the world is. In relation to Rum, in relation to the area of the highlands and island we live in, let alone in the wider world. We walked and talked and looked back and looked forward (quite literally as well as metaphorically).


Back at the croft we had dinner and settled down to watch the show. We watched at the same time as everyone else, although because it was on the laptop, with no adverts and plenty of buffering due to the slow internet, and because it was just us and we were concentrating more on whether we’d said anything stupid or embarrassing, or looked fat or mad or were remembering the many takes that shot took or the funny back story it didn’t quite sink in that nearly 2 million other people were watching all over the place sat on their sofas at the same time.

It started to sink in when our phones began binging and dinging with notifications of facebook messages, blog comments and emails. It sank in a bit more when we rang my parents for their reaction. Everyone else went to bed and it sank in a little bit further when I read the twitter comments which had me placed everywhere on a spectrum from inspirational and amazing to selfish, exhibitionist and (my personal favourite) disappointingly annoying. There is a reason people don’t read the comments! The reality is of course I am all of those things and many more, as are we all. The difference is that I am very happy, very secure and not particularly interested in other people’s lives other than wishing them well to get on with chasing their dreams and following their hearts without judging.

On Tuesday Ady and I were working, one of our varied occupations – this time helping move furniture about. In the afternoon Ady started working on extending the pig pen, I did copious amounts of baking and sang along loudly to music while Davies & Scarlett played outside.


Wednesday was about being Mrs Teashop for me, chatting to visitors to the island and selling home baked goodies along with my co-Teashop host. Davies and Scarlett were down at the hall too and did their share of chatting to tourists. Ady did some work on another little job we have taken on repairing a bridge on the island and then headed back to the croft for more pig pen preparation.

Thursday was our regular whale and dolphin watching sea voyage. Except that as per so many of the trips this year we saw nothing in the way of cetaceans. We did see plenty of manx shearwaters and gannets and gulls though, which never wears thin no matter how much we might crave an orca sighting to go with them.

Friday and Saturday saw Ady doing some ghillie work – a bit of a Rum rite of passage by all accounts, leading the Rum ponies to bring back the culled deer working alongside the stalking party.


I did the ferry run, collecting the animal feed delivery, helping with the shop delivery, driving the car across the river and hulking bags of animal feed around the croft. Davies and Scarlett helped deal with runaway pigs escaping from the pen (they are very ready for the pigpen extension to give them more foraging). This morning I did my regular Saturday morning post office shift. I’ve also been learning a new craft – string art -, watering the polytunnel, baking and bread making and responding to the wave of emails we’ve had this week. And planning a mainland trip to the dentist (queen of logistics) and dealing with various paperwork.


And it’s been midgey!

4 thoughts on “What a week!”

  1. Nic, as ever your positivity and resilience inspires me no end.
    I’ve watched the programme 3 times now – it’s so lovely to see and hear you after 4 years of only emails and blog posts. My Camomile Tea Caddy still contains the late-night drunken message from the first get together.
    I remain devout in my “over my dead body” view of life on Rum and my commitment to life near a deli and a ballet company, but it was utterly marvellous to see you all so happy and thriving.
    Love the photo of Ady in his apres-Monarch-of-the-glen stance and I’d really like the recipe for those biscuits
    As ever, an enthusiastic cheerleader and committed urbanite xx

    1. We’re doing it so you don’t have to! 😉

      Miss real life hanging out too, maybe next year…

      Recipe for cookies – there are two types there – one I would have to go and look up (peanut butter cookies) so will come back with later, the other I know off by heart and comes highly recommended as two of this years volunteers asked for the recipe to take away with them 🙂 and the Fogle cameraman took a stash away with him too!

      Melt 100g butter, 100g brown sugar and 2 tbsp syrup.
      Add to 100g flour and 100g oats. Mix well, add any additional stuff to make them more yummy. Dollop onto greased baking tray and flatten (they will spread a little bit) – I tend to do them about about 10cm across but you could do bigger or smaller), bake for 10 mins GM4 or until golden brown.

      Stuff I add: ginger (a bit of ground into the flour and oats and then extra crystalised ginger pressed into the cookies), chocolate chips (in which case you need to let the melted sugar, butter and syrup cool a little or it melts the choc chips).

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