We’ve got the power!

Today we ordered one of these shiny red electricity giving babies

actually it’s the bigger brother of this one but you get the idea!

We’ve also sent off the balance cheque for our static, had confirmation that the prospective tenants have paid the holding deposit and want to move in by the end of the month.

We realised that the four hour window between ferries probably won’t be sufficient for the static delivery man to do much in the way of helping us site the static. So Ady’s been watching lots of youtube videos on siting statics.

I meanwhile have been learning about training puppies, specifically border collies.

Dragon and Star have mostly been finishing off Easter eggs and playing. Star told me today ‘I am quite rowdy’. She is you know 🙂

It’s been a much more positive day today, we got an email with the Isle of Rum Community Trust newsletters and are most excited at the prospect of joining in with the beach clean the day after we arrive. We’ve done a few beach cleans over the years and the kids and I did a litter picking walk in our town, collecting three sacks of rubbish on a one mile walk and getting their pictures in the local paper and a display at the local library. An excellent opportunity to do something worthwhile and rewarding while getting to know our new neighbours.

Over at my parents this afternoon Ady and I both caught sight of a TV advert for Scotland and gazed at all the wonderful images of the place we’ll soon be calling home. I had goosebumps on my arms and a huge lump in my throat. I can’t wait.

4 thoughts on “We’ve got the power!”

  1. My parents are taking delivery of theirs on Monday, also from Macleod 🙂

    Are you just having the truck over or also the escort vehicle, I believe he has a winch or something to drag it around a bit mounted on his Landrover.

    I’m just curious to see how the truck will cross the ford!

    Where exactly are you situating it on the land? Are you setting it down on its final site instantly, or are you going to temporarily place it somewhere whilst you get the site ready?

    You’re biggest issue will be anchoring it down to stop it blowing off, and how to do that depends on the ground conditions, so depends where you are situating it 🙂

  2. Oh, if you want to Email instead, my email is daniel.C*******@Gmail.com Ask Marcel or Norman for my second name, I doubt the rest will remember it!

  3. No, just the truck – apparently that will fill the whole ferry! In an ideal world it will cross the ford and get set down in a good final resting place (there is a bit of a hardstanding flattish area just inside the croft) but very realistic about whether that will happen. If he can’t cross the ford then we have permission to put it down on the track the other side of the ford and we’ll have to get someone across to help site it with landrovers.

    Email would be good – you could email me nic@goddardstuff.co.uk

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