Untrapped Life

We have a lot of amazing friends. I definitely think keeping inspirational company stands you in good stead for doing inspirational things.

I have friends running successful businesses in toy and craft retail, cake baking and decorating, life coaching and NLP. I know published authors, freelance translators, artists and crafters, textile artists, fashion designers, tutors and more. All of these friends also home educate their children – I wonder if being a Home Educating parent makes you more creative and alternative in your approach to earning a living by doing something you love or whether it is people who are that way inclined who are more likely to Home Educate…

I do know that I have many friends who are self employed and have turned their passions, interests and hobbies into the way they earn their living than friends trapped in unfulfilling careers stuck in ruts.

Our friends Kirsty and James and their children are shining examples of this – in 2012 they had a fantastic adventure and went off traveling and now Kirsty is helping other people realise their dreams with her fab website Untrapped Life. Alongside the website Kirsty is putting out a series of podcasts included interviews and today’s interview is with me! Do go along and check out the website, have a listen to Kirsty and I and sign up for the newsletter which is packed with hints, tips, inspirational ideas and ways in which to start making your dreams come true.

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