Inside and out.

The last few weeks we’ve done a lot with trees. We chopped down our Christmas tree and it now stands inside the caravan all decorated and twinkling. Scarlett asked about why we have Christmas trees and both Ady and I muttered something about Germany and Queen Victoria in a fairly ignorant manner so we consulted the oracle of google and all learned some more solid history. We then had the same information re-told to us during the Rum primary school nativity a few days later.


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Meanwhile out on the croft we’ve been busy recompensing for the ‘slaughter’ of one tree chopped down to adorn the caravan in a festive manner by planting hundreds of saplings. One of Ady’s hopes for 2016 was to plant 100 trees on the croft. He has smashed that ambition many times over and I think we’ll actually hit the 500 mark thanks to various fruit trees, cuttings taken from willow around Rum and most recently over 400 trees from the Woodland Trust. We have a wetland mix of willows, birch, hazel, rowan and hawthorn and have planted most of them in a line stretching almost the entire width of the croft. We have a few left which will go into the fruit cage and the walled garden to be used to harvest for basket making and to aid with drainage in that area.

Davies and Scarlett got involved too. Tree planting is a real legacy type project – you know you are not likely to be around yourself to see the fruits of your labours as full grown trees, hence that proverb “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is today”.






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