Treatment for itchy feet

I am very easily bored and not very good at sticking at things. It was probably something my parents noticed about me when I was very little and almost certainly something teachers would have written in my school report. As a young adult it meant I had a CV as long as my arm as I was a serial job hopper. I have long since lost count of the number of jobs I applied for an interviews I attended but searching for the next challenge was almost like a hobby. I would always give everything my absolute best, I just got bored easily and wanted to move on frequently, always after a new challenge, ready for the next adventure.

The only things I have ever stuck with in my whole life are my relationship with Ady (23 years in a few months) and Home Educating Davies and Scarlett (13 years and quite literally a lifetime ago). I attribute this both to the general fabulousness of Ady, Davies and Scarlett and to the fact that these relationships and dynamics are ever changing and they are as up for adventures and excitement as I am. They are along for the ride holding my hand, exchanging delighted glances with me at every step of the way.

It is this itchy feet syndrome which has led me to persuade the others to come along with me on our various rather mad gallivants. It has been the catalyst for various friendships and associations which have taken us on tangents in our life journey. It is definitely what sparked the WWOOFing adventure and subsequent move here to Rum. It is what has sustained us though the last four years of life here, made me sign up for so many volunteering posts, get involved in so many projects, agree to be on TV.

This year I have stopped doing so many distracting things which take me away from the croft. I have scaled right back in the things I stick my hand up and volunteer for and vowed to focus on what we’re doing here, to direct all my energy into Croft 3 and making things work here. With such a spotlight on our lives it is leading me to question whether this is the right path, whether there is sufficient here to keep me interested, whether the grass is green elsewhere, if the time has come to move on to the next challenge. I think this is healthy, if rather unsettling for those around me.

For now though I am trying really hard to find the new challenge right here instead of looking for it elsewhere. There are opportunities everywhere here on Rum, pretty much nothing you can’t have a spark of an idea about and not follow through almost straight away. The lack of barriers can almost be the very thing which stunts you and prevents you from getting on with things somehow.

My current big project is the shed, the more diverse and unusual the ideas I am having for products to sell in there the better. Clearly butterfly brain is good for creativity. Extending the range of things we sell is ticking loads of my boxes – research, learning new skills, being creative and imaginative with ideas, displays, packaging and the actual making of various items, the opportunity to buy a book or two and some materials and tools, the thrill of positive feedback and sales.

This week has been about crocheted midges and bath bombs. Who knows what next week might bring!





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