Transition Times

I was reading a blog post earlier that talked about August being the month of ‘transition to Autumn’. I like that. Autumn is definitely in the air with nights drawing in and a nip to the evenings, brambles starting to ripen and a new wave of colour coming on Rum as yellow summer flowers fade and the more purple autumnal ones start to bloom.

Suddenly we have done a third summer and are facing a third winter. Life and time marches on and I look at pictures of our early days here on Rum and am already marvelling at how much Davies and Scarlett have grown, how Ady and I have aged….

Life looks set to change again with new possibilities and opportunities on the horizon, shifts in ideas, re shaping of plans and ambitions. The cast of characters for this winter on Rum looks rather different to last year. As ever, taking stock, rationalising responsibilities and being realistic about the capacity for the number of hours in a day is something to be considered.

For now though we’re picking brambles, making jam, feeding animals and enjoying the light evenings while they last. The 18 hour night times are not long around the corner…

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