This could change our lives

No, not the moving to a remote Scottish island, setting up a brand new life as crofters, as a family unit being 10% of the island population, dealing with midges on a daily basis, coping without electricity or running water or flushing toilets.

Not living alongside wildlife such as eagles, deer, dolphins and whales.

Not finally getting the static on our croft land, waking up each morning and being relieved anew that the challenge of getting it here is over, amazed and inspired anew at the stunning and ever changing views out of every window and overwhelmed anew at the sheer beauty and wonder of the landscape around us.

What is really likely to change our lives is being able to sit on our bed and get mobile phone signal and having broadband internet connected today to our static. Oh yes, welcome to crofting and roughing it 21st century style. I can research the best building methods for a compost loo, purchase our piping to sort out water supply from the burns online and finally make contact by phone again with family and friends without having to stand in the dark / rain / cold.

It’s all suddenly gotten ever such a lot easier in our world. And even better we have had our holding number and business registration paperwork come through so can start looking at grants and funding and really make some headway with our plans.

Life is good 🙂

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