Third Rum birthday

Only me still to go and we’ll all four have celebrated a circling round the sun here on Rum. Mine is only a month away, the other side of Christmas and new year by which time we’ll be starting to hurtle towards having lived here for a full year.

But today was about Star, and not just any birthday, this was celebrating reaching double figures – her first decade.

We have a whole collection of pictures of the children holding up how many fingers old they are on their birthdays. Today is the last one – they have both now run out of fingers. 

Ten years have passed with so many memories, adventures, twists and turns of life. For Star it’s been her whole lifetime.

The day has been celebrated with gifts, cards, favourite meals: cinnamon french toast for breakfast, cheese, crackers, olives and twiglets for lunch, fishcakes and chips followed by jelly and cream for dinner and a home made chocolate orange cake with ten candles shared with friend on Rum down at the shop this evening.

Star had a great selection of gifts from fellow islanders including two sets of animal bones people had found (she is very well known!), lots and lots of chocolate and some fab tiger gloves she had been coveting in the shop. She saw her birthday in (still being awake at midnight) and she saw it out again (still being awake at midnight).

Now we turn our attention fully to Christmas. I think we’ve ordered all the various gifts for Dragon and Star, now we wait for things to arrive on the ferry. The tree will come inside this weekend and be adorned with (battery powered) fairy lights and home made decorations. Bring on the jingle bells and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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