The whisper of winter

This time last year we’d already ‘flown’ south for the winter. My facebook memories from one year ago is showing me swallow murmurations in Somerset, a visit to Bath spa and a visit to the Glastonbury Frost Fayre.

I’ve often said that I find November one of the hardest times of year here on Rum because all of that winter is still ahead and looming, the light is already fading, the condensation and damp is making it’s presence felt in the caravan and it feels like a long time from Bonfire fireworks to Christmas lights (here on Rum, I know on the mainland both are already well on the way on the High Street by the end of August!). This year though, thanks to a chunk of the month spent off the island and a truly gorgeous week since we’ve been back of amazing sunrises and sunsets with clear blue skies between, autumn colours still very much in evidence and our paths around the croft meaning the mud has yet to be it’s annual winter downer it’s been very manageable.

Just before we had our visit off I was hanging out with our chickens in the low hanging sunshine and had the realisation that actually it’s not November I struggle with necessarily, it’s November inside. If we only get a limited number of hours of daylight each day then spending as many of them outside stretches them massively. I am sure my walks up the hill also help a lot, getting air into my lungs, space into my head and perspective into my heart.

I’m getting a perfect blend of creativity in the shape of a few crochet projects and some more arty crafty projects in the planning, some learning in the shape of a planned wind turbine upgrade and hydro power experiment along with helping Davies with his studying which is fascinating just now as he’s covering a study unit on consumer society which has all four of us joining in conversations about lifestyles and consumerism. I’m getting plenty of outside time with my walks, some firewood processing and this week we’ve been tree planting too. A lot of our next step forward planning is out of our hands which can feel disempowering and stifling but thankfully there is plenty of other planning of small trips and adventures for next year taking up the slack and meeting that need too.

With just a few days left to go I think I can say that so far this November has been far from hard.

2 thoughts on “The whisper of winter”

  1. Hi Nic, thanks for blog, I always look forward to your updates. On this update I am wondering why is much of the next step forward planning out of your hands? Thanks.

    1. Hi Morag,
      Thanks for your comment and question. We are hoping to start splitting our time between here on Rum and a base on the mainland in order to upscale what we can do to earn an income from the croft and also start the next stage of our lives as the teens grow older and more independent and we grow older and less able to live the harsher realities of this lifestyle. As such we are looking for a place on the mainland to start making that happen from but it is proving a tricky option to find.

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