The upside…

of being so very efficient in our first week back is that we have all but finished crossing off everything from our job lists. Our garage and the spare room at my parents is ready with the boxes of things we are taking to Rum. Everything else has been disposed of accordingly.

We have carpet being fitted on Friday and the letting agent coming round on Monday to take photos and start marketing the property for let.

The downside is filling our days again.

So we have made lots of arrangements to spend time with family and friends – we had a meal at one friend on Saturday night, another with family to celebrate Mothers Day on Sunday. Lunch with friends today, a party with more friends on Thursday and a catch up with family on Saturday. We have several stays with southern friends booked for the next couple of weeks and our diary is filling up quickly.

I have enjoyed baking bread and this afternoon made cookies and cakes too – we are off to London for the day tomorrow to Ecobuild where we’re hoping to make some contacts and get some ideas for green building and alternative energy to put into practise once we are building our own home. It will be good to take a packed lunch with us of home baked goodies to keep us going.

On the downside it feels very odd to have no animals to look after other than Star’s pet hamster Humphrey (the most well travelled hamster I know, he’s been to Scotland with us and travelled everywhere we’ve been since he joined our family at Christmas) and no crops in or seeds germinating.

One thought on “The upside…”

  1. Hope your day in London has gone well.

    Sounds like a very sociable time ahead – it won’t be long before you’ll have more animals to take care of & crops growing… So just enjoy having some freedom for now!

    Kay 🙂

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