The Timeline Post

Practical – Finish clearing the site, digging out the deeper trench for the stem wall to sit on, clearing the topsoil from the whole area.
Planning – Create volunteer / work plan.
Purchasing – Drainage pipe

Practical – Fill in back to ground level with gravel and drainage pipe.
Planning – Organise volunteer logistics.
Purchasing – Barrows, tripods / pulley system

Practical – Build stem wall
Planning – windows, doors, timbers, roofing.
Purchasing – Tarps, spades

Practical – gathering materials for cob
Planning – Volunteer coordination, food, facilities, briefing.
Purchasing Doors, windows, timbers

May, June, July, August
The Big Cob Adventure!
Practical mixing cob, building with cob, putting on the roof
Planning – interior details
Purchasing replacement tools (inevitable!), food for willing helpers!

September, October, beyond…
Turning the cob shell into a home. Floors, furniture etc.

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