The time of year

Our male turkeys and male geese are all displaying signs of aggression linked to it being their mating season. The geese lower their heads and hiss and Rudolph the turkey is puffing up, strutting and generally being very spectacular but a bit feisty. It’s been really interesting watching all our animals behave in such natural ways which you never really get to witness unless you have the space as we do to allow them to roam free and act as nature intended. Bearing in mind how few domestically kept birds (and pigs too I guess) get to live as long as ours have either I suspect we are quite fortunate to see all these behaviours.

It’s been a very productive start to the week, thanks to the glorious sunshine. We have got all the laundry processed, the fruit cage fixed, the raised beds re-netted and the trench for the chicken cob house all dug. The next stage with that is filling in the trench with small stones to create drainage before starting to build the wall. The first metre of that will be stone with cob on top of that. We have dug out a fair bit of stone just making the trench. It is forecast to rain over the next few days so we are planning to monitor the trench and see how well it runs in the rain before moving onto the next step.

Davies and Scarlett have also been outside all day every day this week, playing down by the river, going off on exploring adventures with Bonnie, helping to feed the animals, running erands down to the village for us and so on. We have had the static doors and windows open all day and it is all feeling very positive and spring-like.

Time certainly marches on in March.

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