The Rum March

We arrived home on Rum one month ago today on the 1st of March.

And what a month it has been.

From that first glimpse of Rum off the ferry, to the people waiting to welcome us back. The arriving back at the croft and making the caravan habitable again .

Re-acquainting ourselves with our animals and gathering up and welcoming home those who had an off-croft winter break themselves.

Remembering the lows of living alongside nature from frozen water supplies… to the highs of sunsets, eagle fly-bys, spotting and identifying the first star in the night sky (which was Uranus, not a star at all!). A display of northern lights and that night sky that is incomparable to anywhere else we’ve been.

Heading over to Harris to help worm the ponies or helping with the deer count

The joy of the car starting, the solar panel arriving and working so that we have sufficient power for internet on all the time, the much researched washing machine arriving safely and working perfectly…

The first freshly laid eggs, the Rum venison, the pork from our own pigs once more. The home made bramble jam on the brought back from the mainland croissants we came home with

The getting the shed back open for the season; re-doing the welly trail, adding new signs and new wellies, ordering in new postcards, creating new product lines and the first sales of the season.

The tree planting on the croft (420 trees), getting gas bottles up the hill, felling and chopping trees for firewood, wheelbarrowing countless loads up the hill…

Catching up with much-missed friends and feeling embraced, welcomed, loved and re-integrated back into our community here.

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