The most generous are often those with the least to give…

About 10 years ago I first heard about the notion of the Cosmic Supply Company. The basic idea (if you’ve not heard of it) is that if you have something spare you should pass it on and in turn when a need arises somehow the universe will provide.

In some ways that does a disservice to the people who have been generous enough to provide us with opportunities, skills, kindness, gifts and help by taking the act of their giving away from them and attributing it to some higher power. In others it makes even more sense as I know that there have been times when we have been able to offer something – an example being when we finally left Sussex us giving all of the contents of our old house – beds, sofas, white goods, crockery, cutlery, pots and pans, telly and so on, to some friends who had just moved into an unfurnished house. I know how good it made me feel to be able to find a worthy home for something I no longer needed and to feel I was doing something good. I guess its the same feeling as donating to charity, offering your time in volunteer work, finding some lost property and returning it to it’s owner.

Back in our old lives we never really felt needy and most of the time if we wanted something we had the funds to go and buy it but when we headed off in 2011 in Willow we found that there was a never ending supply of kindness, generosity and goodwill out there being extended to us. The mechanic who did work on Willow for us at a hugely discounted rate because he had seen the address for this blog painted on the outside, checked out what we were doing and thought it was a great adventure. The chance meeting with the next door neighbour of a WWOOF host who invited us round to use their swimming pool (and is now one of our best friends and visiting us here next month!), the WWOOF hosts who sent us a compost loo when they read in the WWOOFing newsletter about how we were lacking a loo! The complete strangers who travelled to Rum armed with a pair of drakes to give us and ended up staying to help put up the community polytunnel too. The community here on Rum who have put themselves out time and again to help us here on the croft – help us push the caravan up the hill, donated materials to build animals shelters and raised beds, found a space for us to keep our freezer… the list goes on and on.

The latest example of the Cosmic Supply Company – and the huge generosity of a friend is a new vehicle. Arriving on the ferry on Friday came a car which we are only too happy to give a new home to.

Thanks Big Dave, a fantastic conduit for the wonders of the universe.

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