The Good Life

Isn’t it funny how a little TV show with just four seasons back in the seventies inspired so many people and is still talked of decades later 🙂

Camped in our house with just sleeping bags and one of those little portable TVs with built in video player for company we’re watching a lot of episodes of The Good Life at the moment. It keeps us focussed, amuses us and provides inspiration for our future life.

I can’t wait to brew some peapod burgandy but have yet to decide whether I can pull of Barbara in her dungarees or Margo in her pantsuit best.

A neighbour called round yesterday to catch up with us having noticed we were back after our travels – he was thrilled to hear of our plans and told me how he has his VW campervan lined up to go off travelling in as soon as he retires next year. I told him if he gets as far as Rum he should just get off the boat and call our names loudly – with just 30 people someone is sure to point him in the right direction to find us! He asked if we were either stinking rich or just didn’t like people much when he heard what we were doing, so I explained a bit about our planned low living costs and aims for self sufficiency. He straight away asked ‘oh like on The Good Life?’

We’re spending time with friends this week, like everywhere in the UK we’ve been enjoying unseasonably warm and sunny days for the last couple of weeks and today was spent sitting in friends’ gardens while the children played and the sun shone. I don’t want to live in Sussex any more and we are all very keen to get heading up and across the water but it has been lovely to see the beauty of where we live again and to be making the most of these last days and weeks living here. I guess when life is good The Good Life is wherever you happen to be.

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