This week we have given ourselves a pretty under ambitious to do list and even though it is only Wednesday we have already done most of it. Still left on this list is ‘surviving wind!’ so we can’t consider that done until the week is out. But tax returns have been done, blog newsletters sent out, Rum community newsletter compiled, edited and sent to print, polytunnel plastic removed and general area tidied up – we pulled some of the plastic across the strawberries and lavender in there – fingers crossed that is sufficient. The kiwi has been brought into the caravan, we’ll see if it survives or not. Lots of firewood processing – cutting, chopping, splitting, lugging about.

Inside we have been reading, catching up on downloaded iplayer things, some crochet (I made a hat!), moving paperwork about into different piles, signing up to Lovefilm after a long break and excitedly adding lots of films and tv series to our rental lists. Intermittent internet gives it an even greater novelty value than usual!

Meanwhile we have had pretty much every weather possible – wind, rain, hail, snow, sunshine… as yet there have been no locusts, frogs or fish falling from the sky. But Rum has surprised us before and is likely to continue to do so!

For now though, all challenges aside why would anyone want to live anywhere else?

snowy day



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