Stand Up at altitude

 This is a sponsored post, written in line with our own views and hopefully inkeeping with our blog and interesting to our readers. Money raised from sponsored posts will go towards keeping us in fuel, waterproof clothing and emergency chocolate rations! 

    It probably goes without saying that air travel generally is something I would attempt to avoid. Not only would I wobble over the environmental impact, I am also a firm believer in holidaying in the UK. I think there is so much to see and do in our own country with our beautiful landscapes, rich cultural history, wide and varied wildlife and diverse mix of towns, cities, countryside and coasts. In the coming year we will be relishing the chance to see more of the UK and hope to take in dolphin and seal spotting off the coast, bird, bat, fox and badger watching using Star’s fabulous night vision binoculars, see salmon leaping in Scotland, meteor showers in August and maybe even fingers crossed glimpse the northern lights.

    However in the past we have been to places by plane. Ady and I married 11 years ago in Las Vegas, while pregnant with Dragon we had an amazing trip to New York and whilst it didn’t involve actually leaving the runway all four of us took part in the Terminal 5 trials at Heathrow a few years ago. Airports are exciting places, the ability to fly without your own wings is a thrill that probably never wears off for even the most seasoned traveller. Seeing the world from above and being up there with the clouds is something I know both Dragon and Star are keen to experience and one day hopefully we’ll be airborne again, on our way to a further flung adventure than the one we’re about to embark on here on British soil.

    In a different life I’ve often thought I would have loved to try my hand at stand up stand up comedy, making people laugh makes me happy. I enjoy telling a story, weaving in the details, seeing people grasp the same humour as me and laughing together. I’ve seen many stand up comedian acts live and enjoy watching them on TV or listening on the radio. I think the gift of laughter is one of the most precious ones you can give to someone. Another of my passions is helping or volunteering, not always for organised charities although in the last year I have done a couple of sponsored swims to raise money for charity and giving of my time or money to help others less fortunate than us is something I am keen to give Dragon and Star an example of. I am particularly inclined to support charities that help children and Comic Relief is a charity that certainly ticks those boxes.

    So I have agreed to make this the first of the odd sponsored posts on the blog and mention the Flying Start Campaign which  British Airways and Comic Relief are joining together for. It’s a fab idea combining stand up comedy with a stellar line up and fundraising for a very worthy cause with the added excitement of taking place at 35,000 feet

    British Airways are teaming up to forge a year-long partnership with Comic Relief to deliver a comic treat; one which has never been done before.
On Saturday 12th March, Dara O’Briain, Jack Whitehall and Jon Richardson will be teaming up with BA, Guinness World Records, they will be setting the record for the Highest Stand-Up Comedy Gig in the World. It’s part of a wider campaign by British Airways called Flying Start, hoping to transform the lives of disadvantaged children at home and abroad.

    To be in with a chance of being one of 75 lucky people flying over the UK to enjoy two-and-a-half hours of stand-up for charity; including champagne and refreshments ; fans can text ‘Fly1’  to 70300 or visit the competition. Full terms and conditions are available from the Facebook page.

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