Skirting round the issue

We’re another massive step further in the right direction – the static now has it’s skirt on. Actually as we are in Scotland we’ve decided to call it a kilt, albeit one with invisible tartan and nothing very interesting underneath!

Not only does the static have a kilt though it also has a veranda, or platform, or decking… or maybe we should start calling that our sporran!

It is going to make a massive difference having it done for lots of reasons: it should be warmer, we have insulated underneath and now we have blocked the air flow too it is already noiceably warmer underfoot with no pocket of cold air constantly circulating under there. It should be much more secure now too against wind – it cannot now howl and whistle underneath. The framework around the kilt and the sporran means it is also heavier and more secure generally, there is definitely less wobble to the whole thing as you walk from one end of the static to the other. Finally it just looks sooooo much nicer now.

As with so many of the things we have achieved here we could not have done this alone, infact we can take barely any credit at all. A massive amount of the wood was given to us by Billy the builder – the same Billy the builder who lent us his mats to get the static up here and has generally been a source of comfort and support to us ever since we moved here. A load more of the wood is reclaimed pallets that come off the ferry when deliveries arrive on the island. We have been very lucky to have plenty of them shoved our way as people know we make use of them. The biggest thanks though has to go to Sandy who not only gave us various bits of wood but also spent three days up here with us directing, coaching, cutting, measuring and generally making it all happen. The practical and moral support that Sandy and Fliss have offered us since we arrived on Rum has been huge and we feel very lucky to have arrived somewhere and made such amazing friends so quickly.

It’s been a gorgeous week on Rum with cold, crisp, clear skies and autumn colours getting prettier by the hour. I looked out of the window yesterday and saw our chickens, ducks and geese scratching about outside, the kids and dog running around down by the river and it brought a tear to my eye to think how lucky we are. I commented to Ady that we this was someone else’s life I had been given a glimpse of I would be envious beyond belief. Throughout all our dreaming last year and lists of what would make a perfect place to settle down I don’t think we ever dared hope we’d find everything we have here.

Our compost loo fund is growing daily with a couple of very generous donations just in. We are going to be pushing it to meet the deadline and raise all the money though so I am continuing to think of creative ways to persuade people to join in and support us with it. If you have any cunning plans please do let me know – time is running out! every penny helps!

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