short term solution

Untitled by nicgee
Untitled, a photo by nicgee on Flickr.

I’m not really happy with the blackboard look, a bit too teacher-y I think. I’m waiting for some paint to arrive to glam it up a bit. While telling Scarlett about how I need lots more colours as I only had black, white and red she informed me I only need to order yellow and blue and will then have all the primary colours and both shades and can therefore mix all the other colours from them. Curse those clever ten year olds!

4 thoughts on “short term solution”

  1. Let us know what colours & kids you need & we’ll keep an eye out for you (I know a few painters who like to clear their sheds out occasionally – free of charge!!) 😉

  2. Not actually sure of it’s origins – it was in the ‘dead appliances graveyard’ where white goods go to die and was the least manky there. A good scrub and clean out and it’s perfect, even has shelves still in it to hold eggs 🙂

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