Shed to Shop update

Inbetween everything else we’ve been up to we have been working on the shed project too. It has now had two coats of green wood preserver on the outside, mostly done by me with help from Scarlett on the second coat.

It looks pretty good. It’s not quite the vibrant green we usually use for Croft 3 stuff as in the fridge and our logo but it’s pretty close. Wood preserver doesn’t seem to come in properly bright colours.




We’ve done the doors green inside and out as we are not decided yet whether we’ll leave them open or closed when the shed is open for business. We know we’ll need to keep the doors closed during wind and rain and strongly suspect our chickens and ducks will investigate the shed rather too closely if it is open so it will probably be doors closed.

The rest of the inside was both dark due to small windows and probably closed doors plus the rather lurid standard shed orange was a bit overpowering so I have used diluted white emulsion to do a 90s style paint effect colour wash (anyone else recall Changing Rooms style rag rolling, or applying paint to the walls with a scrunched up carrier bag, oh how my decorator Dad used to scoff at such notions!) on the walls and ceiling. It looks pretty good and will provide a nice light neutral background for our various artwork, crafts and produce.


Still undecided on the floor – it will need to not get slippery when wet and muddy (rather inevitable here!), not show too much dirt and not be too distracting. Still pondering on that one.

This afternoon I started working on the outside of the shed – most people will approach the croft and see the back of the shed first, it also slightly blocks the croft gate from view so needed a good clear sign. After lots of debate about naming the shop we have gone for ‘Croft 3 In The Shed’ as that is what it is – all the things we make, create and produce here on Croft 3 available to buy ‘in the shed’.

So this afternoon I did the first coat of white lettering, ready to outlined in black and have our customary swirls added.


I’ve also done the first bodies of ducks and geese but for now they are just white blobs until I get back down there with orange and yellow paint for bills and feet. Chickens and maybe a turkey (ambitious!) to come along with some jars of jam and other such pictures and plenty of swirls of course. I’m very much making it up as I go along in my usual fashion.

Ady is in charge of fashioning shelving and displays from old wood and then I can start assembling items for sale and laying it all out. I need to make signposts from the village and labels for the various displays inside. I have a plastic mirror on order so people can admire themselves in my scarves and we’re planning to put some of Ady’s photos on canvas as artwork for display or sale. I am debating bunting…. these are the sort of highbrow dilemmas we face up here on Croft 3!

3 thoughts on “Shed to Shop update”

  1. Hi, you’ve probably thought of this but the none slip paint used on the inside of the hulls of sailing dinghies might be good for your shed floor.

    1. Thanks Liz, good suggestion. Getting any sort of paint delivered here can be tricky, I’ll have a look online for some of that, the sort of stuff with fine sand in it would work well.

  2. Hi there,

    I have found you as a result of watching your family welcome Ben Fogle to the wet, wild and wonderful Isle of Rum!

    You and your family are an inspiration and I look forward to reading of your adventures here on the blog!

    How is the cob house coming along?

    Best Wishes

    San x

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