Shed to shop, installment number 3 (I think)

Another glorious sunny day here today, 1st of November. Autumn has definitely been kinder than summer this year. Ady did some loo maintenance, the sort of job I’d certainly not relish and reason number 35492 why I love him so much. Davies and Scarlett slept in as we’d had a scary dvd marathon well past midnight in honour of Halloween last night.

I gathered paints and set off for shed painting. My Dad gave us loads of tins of paint last year, all odds and ends from clearing out his garage. Many of them will have been leftover paint from work he did as a decorator in customers homes over the years, I certainly didn’t recognise the colours from my parents house. I suspect some of the tins are as old as me, the designs and logos on the tins, plus the excellent names (lichen green, tangerine, gypsy fair) made me smile as I loaded them into a bucket and took them to the shed.


It made me think of Dad all morning while I was painting, wondering where he’d used the first half of each tin, whether that paintwork was still tangerine or lichen green somewhere down in Sussex still – who’d have thought the dregs of those tins would end up adorning our shed here on Rum years later.

I did the outlines on yesterdays words and added some chickens, duck, goose and jams. It’s slow work as the shed wood is so textured the paint really struggles to stick to it. I’m pleased with it though. The main intention was to ensure that when people approach the shed they can tell it is somewhere to come in and shop – we’ll have signs leading folk here from the village anyway – I made the first one this evening, so that will direct people as to just what ‘in the shed’ is. I’ll do a few more of those and then start working on signs for the inside of the shed.



Ady put the hasp and lock on the door along with the catches to keep the doors secured open. I plan to do some more external decoration but for now the outside is almost finished, next we’ll be getting the inside looking good.

I finished with enough daylight left to do an hours bramble picking around the perimeter of the croft. The brambles are so close to over every time I pick I wonder if this will be the last time this year, I’m hoping to get out tomorrow for a couple of hours and that might well be it. I was on the outside of the croft as Ady was inside feeding the pigs with the sky changing colour for sunset throwing him and the pigs into silhouette. An uplifting end to a beautiful day.


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