Living a mile out of the village, along a track which is mostly only suitable for walking on a remote Scottish island with only 30 residents means we don’t get a huge number of visitors. I remember clearly that one of our early ambitions for Croft 3 was for it to become a destination, somewhere that people actively set off to reach. This week at least we have achieved that several times.

Back in our old lives we were often hosts, we had friends and family over regularly; for tea and chats in the day time, for wine and meals in the evenings, to stay for one of our parties or get togethers. In our early days together Ady and I regularly were the house everyone came back to after an evening out, long before we had furniture in the house we had 20 people sitting on the floor! In later years we would have regularly parties – for Davies and Scarlett’s birthdays, for Halloween, just because… writing this post reminded me of one particular party when 24 of us all slept at our house and sent out for fish and chips as something to eat we didn’t need crockery for because there were not enough plates in the house!


Living in a caravan with limited facilities and space means we have had to let go of our tendancy to call out ‘Everyone back to ours!’ quite so often and have to plan playing hosts rather better. But the recent spectacular weather has meant a return to form – last Thursday we had a group of students up for a chat, at the weekend we had a barbecue with Rum friends, on Wednesday friends visited for a day trip, today we were delighted to have a visit from Rum royalty as far as we’re concerned – ex residents of the island from long before we had even heard of Rum or anyone who lives here now was around. Names written in Rum’s history with stories to tell of the island and memories of times gone by.




Sitting infront of the caravan drinking in that amazing view and sharing it with others is simply one of the most wonderful things about our lives here.

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