Settling back in.

It’s a week today that we got back into the caravan. In that week we have:
* Had a delivery from the local Co-Op who will take orders by email and stick them on the ferry for the Small Isles residents (we were supposed to be popping back off again for a couple of nights today for a dentist check up for Scarlett but I couldn’t get a sensibly priced hotel, the weather is looking iffy for us getting back next Tuesday and so we rearranged it for a few weeks time, but we had anticipated that follow up trip off and put off stocking up from the supermarket in our already overloaded car.)
* Sent off an empty jerry can of diesel and had it refilled and sent back by the fuel merchants.
* Filled up water containers from the river until the cold water worked again, done plumbing repairs and finally got the hot water working again, meaning we could all have showers.
* Felled trees and chopped firewood including getting the chainsaw stuck and getting it unstuck again.
* Got the wandering ducks home. During the winter our ducks had left the croft and joined some of our rehomed chickens down in the village. Ady managed to recover a few each day and all the girls were home but the drake remained in the village, shrewd to Ady’s efforts to catch him. This morning he went to try again but couldn’t find him anywhere. When he returned to the croft (a mile away and up-river from the village) there was the drake hanging around outside the cage where the girl ducks all were. He was only too pleased to be ushered into the cage.
* Welcomed the turkeys back to the Croft. Our friends who looked after them while we were away bought them home today. They seemed pretty happy to be back and got straight back into joining in with the feeding time frenzy.
* Baked cakes (Scarlett), and bread, made soup.
* Carried on with studying (Davies and I), working on our third assessment which is due in a couple of weeks.
* Fixed the wind turbine which we had taken down for the winter but also planned to give a bit of an overhaul to. The plastic is brittle and broken in various places and we had been doing in situ fixes with strong tape and metal bracing plates. When we took it down we decided we would do a proper fix and re-enforcing job on it before we put it back up. Ady had been doing lots of research on the best way to do this over the winter and so we removed all the tape, unscrewed all the brace plates, drilled holes and ‘stitched’ the broken sections back together with cable ties. Then we put it back up and reconnected it. So far it is working really well and is turning much more smoothly than before.
* Had our first visitors to the Croft – Rum friends, visiting friends and a photographer who was on the island taking pictures and chatting to islanders about a book he is working on. He spent a couple of hours with us taking photos and chatting about our lives here and his own life.
* Fixed the gate which had dropped on it’s hinges, fixed the netting on the fruit cage, fixed a flat tyre on the Jeep.
* Started getting the shed ready to reopen for the season. Labelling and pricing the new stock I’ve been working on while we’ve been away, freshening up the layout, looking at some new ways to display things and generally tidying up.
* Organised to send some more stock of jams to a mainland supplier who is also getting ready for the start of her season.
* Caught up on all the many loads of laundry that we bought back with us, had left behind, created in the clean up of the caravan and have made by being back a week. Next week we’re ordering a twin tub machine which will run off the genny and we will be able to have up here on the croft.

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  1. Talk about hitting the ground running!! A Ta-da list is always a satisfactory snapshot of what has actually been achieved 🙂 So often we write out a To-do list and then become frustrated when we haven’t managed to tick all the items off the list! Late last year I set myself a challenge to not only attempt to accomplish the items on my list but to also record everything that I did that day. The results were a real eye opener and a validation that all the unseen activities sure do add up! If I had only stuck to checking off the to-do list items I would have been downhearted. Instead I had a smile on my face and a paper record of a well lived and satisfactory day.

    Love the new blog layout 🙂

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