September so far…

We are enjoying the indian summer – anything which prolongs the sunshine is good by me. Tomatoes are ripening daily and I made my first batch of chutney today, brambles are still being picking although I have now used up all my jars so am freezing them for later use (I have over 50 jars of bramble jam – a full range of flavours including bramble & lavender, rosemary, ginger, chilli, mulled spices, apple).

We have had so many visitors this summer, waving goodbye to one lot and saying hello to the next, often without any break inbetween. It has been lovely – we are all too aware of the time and money costs to come and visit us and our own ties to Rum mean we do not get off to visit others. We certainly have not been lonely for company this summer. We still have two more sets of family and friends planned in for the next few weeks and then we will be just the four of us again.

Davies celebrated his 14th birthday and Ady and I our 15th wedding anniversary last week – looking at wedding day photos and baby pictures reminds us once more how time slips away so fast. Davies has now had 3 birthdays here on Rum. Having pledged to do our very best to make life here work we have carried on with our workload while having people here, often enrolling their assistance to make things happen faster. We have also been enjoying the island with friends too though – the children have been on many adventures and exploring expeditions and yesterday we all walked in a big group over to the other side of the island to the sandy beaches of Kilmory where we had a sandy picnic and some of us swam in the sea!

Rum is such a charming place to be at this time of year – the peak of the tourist visitors has passed, the midges have more or less gone, the colours of the landscape are at their most stunning – all purples, greens and golds, the foraging bounty is plentiful and the red deer rut is about to start.

The cousins – Clan Goddard


Happy Birthday dear Davies

another day, another layer of cob on the pizza oven!

golden sands of Kilmory

waterfall and the glorious autumn colours of Rum

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