Second Catch and Lucky Find

More breaking news – Ady caught a fish! Another mackrel, another challenge met, another dinner provided.

Willow has needed a bit of attention to her plugs and leads and general starting in the damp. We decided as we’re now in the land and season of mist we’d get that dealt with so took her along to the local garage here in Tarbert, Hi Way Motors.

Not only did they do a fab job – she is running really well now, they also noted the blog address on the back of Willow and have been having a read of our adventures. They did us a bargain price and added a very special message to the invoice.

We’ve already sent someone else in their direction (a lovely American couple Ady helped change a wheel on their rental car when they had a puncture) and highly recommend them for anyone else passing through this way. If Willow has any breakdowns while we’re on this next leg we know where to get towed to for sure!

One thought on “Second Catch and Lucky Find”

  1. Oh–yeah for the fish dinners! Though I have to admit-if we only caught one–we’d probably fight over who ate it–too yummy to share! 😉 What a lovely garage! (I like Ady’s beard as well!)

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