Season kicking in

March is like the babymoon phase of parenthood here on Rum. The pain and messiness of actual childbirth is behind you and almost forgotten (winter storms, endless rain and condensation, cancelled ferries…) and the reality of newborn parenting has not yet sunk in – sleepless nights giving you a zombie like state in a constant round of nappies and nighttime feeds are still not fully making their presence felt (midges, endless questions from visitors about how many children are in the school, what you do in the winter and how you got here when you are clearly not Scottish). Instead you are there, utterly falling in love with your new baby, endlessly counting their tiny toes and gazing into their deep and knowing eyes (charmed by the cockerels crowing, the daffodils appearing, it still being light at 7pm).

Yeah, so March. A nice time on Rum.

I’ve painted up all the new wellies to add to the trail.

welly trail

I’ve had another couple of sessions of weeding, thinning, planting and sowing. Covers are on the mini greenhouses, the first seedlings of salad leaves have already poked their heads through the soil.

walled garden

mini greenhouses.

I spent a couple of hours in the shed tidying up, rearranging and getting everything ready to open for the season.

Meanwhile Ady has been mending fences and clearing out sheds ready for making encouraging and welcoming spaces for the birds to start laying their eggs and he’s done the first cut of the season on an area o the croft so choked with reeds that it needs clearing to allow the grass to grow through and create more grazing space for the sheep and geese.

Spring is well and truly in the air.

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