Rum Time

Yesterday was our six year Rum-iversary.

Six whole years since we drove off the ferry and started our new lives here. Over a third of both Davies and Scarlett’s lives.

So many highs, a fair few lows, so many memories and experiences, adventures and lessons. A friend who no longer lives here and infact was only here for about half as long as we already have been once told me that Rum never leaves you even if you leave Rum. Local lore has it that you don’t choose Rum but Rum chooses you – if you are meant to be here then the Rum gods will make it so and be kind, if you are not then you will be shown. A place which is so sparsely populated that you can almost see the footprints of everyone who has ever walked here, almost still hear the echoes of voices whispering every word ever said. Without a shadow of a doubt our time here has forever changed all four of us.

Friendship and family mean something different here, there is a dialect so local that only the residents understand every word and Rum-specific phrase, currency is not spent in sterling, time is not marked in minutes and hours, Rum customs and festivals mark the passing of time along with the first cuckoo calling,  the first shearwater fledging, the first stag roaring, the hills changing colour through the seasons, the ferry timetable switching from summer to winter to summer to winter.  We speak here of ‘Shop o’clock’, ‘Ferry o’clock’, Rum Time.

I’m attempting to capture the essence of that in my newest In The Shed line – Rum o’clock clocks on recycled slates. I’ve got them displayed in the Shop, Bunkhouse and will soon have them at the other businesses on the island too.

That six years has both been a lifetime and passed in a flash.

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