Rum rewards

It was the anniversary this week of a year since the Ben Fogle show aired (in the UK, it’s since been shown in Australia and Germany to our knowledge, probably other places too but we have had contact from people who watched it in those places) and we have had a couple of visitors to Rum this week speak to us to say they had seen the show.

The first brambles on Rum are ripe and ready, we’ll get out and start picking this coming week. We’ve been fishing again today – another 22 mackerel caught, gutted and stashed in the freezer ready for fishcake and risotto making in the winter – a little fishy reminder of the summer in the depths of the darker months ahead.

All of the young birds are now released and free ranging. We have had a couple of losses – always inevitable as they shake down into living as part of the great big Croft 3 flock, it can be a bit survival of the fittest and we never really know why some make it and others do not but it’s been mostly smooth and we’re keeping a close eye on things.

I’ve done a couple of post office shifts which I always enjoy – for the social opportunities with locals and visitors.

Ady and I have constructed the veg cage around the raised beds. We managed to make it almost entirely with gifted or recycled materials, even the posts we used were chopped down from the woodland on Rum. We have bought in the netting for the roof, which actually we probably won’t even put on this year but other than that it was free. I have taken off all the hoops and netting on the individual beds and started to weed some ready for autumn sowings of various crops. I’m really excited about the prospect of a far more protected and successful growing area for next year. And the short amount of time I’ve already spent in there unhassled by Bonnie the dog bringing me a goose (she thinks she is pleasing you by herding geese towards you) or chickens coming to assist with the weeding has been blissful. Mostly though it will be a definite deer free zone which has been the biggest issue with our crops – deer damage from eating things or just trampling over them.

We had a fabulous Sheerwater boat trip with a pod of porpoise and then a bigger pod of dolphins. Cetacean encounters never fail to delight and the video footage the Ranger took shows all on the boat exclaiming with joy and several spontaneous rounds of applause from the people on board as the dolphins swam alongside us leaping out of the water.

It was our monthly Bring and Share meal last night with an Italian theme. We had wonderful food, plenty of drink, lots of fun, some singing, some dancing and some excellent company. A friend came up for lunch today and we nursed our slightly ‘morning after’ heads together sitting admiring the view and drinking tea.

It’s been the perfect mix of busy, productive and fun.

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