Rum minus 30

or so… not a weather forecast, a hopeful countdown to arrival 🙂

This week we have:

  • Had carpet / flooring fitted in various rooms of our house in preparation for it being rented out again.
  • Spent time with family and friends and arranged to head off gallivanting round other family and friends houses in the southern section of the country for the next couple of weeks.
  • Totally finished going through our belongings and categorising them / packing them up / sending them to the tip / donating them to charity / giving stuff to friends. We are utterly declutterly, I can’t believe we’re not cluttered.
  • Been to London IN A CAR! I know, madness, driving in the capital. We sat in traffic and discussed the Millennium Dome (it will always be that to me, regardless of it now being named after a mobile phone network!) and been all nostalgic to Dragon and Star about how Ady and I visited there, participated in time capsule Y2K stuff, bemoaned the fact that the Blackwall tunnels walls are infact not black at all (close to it, thanks to traffic pollution but not black!) We liked the contrast of driving through London one month before we hope to be driving on Rum. 
  • Attended Ecobuild which was interesting, if slightly reeling with greenwash and an over indulgence of plastic tat. The stalls were many and whilst it is hugely heartening to see a huge exhibition centre filled with people selling solar panels, biomass boilers, wind turbines and rainwater harvesting systems it is slightly disheartening to have the stalls manned by leggy blondes giving away glossy brochures and plastic promotional items none of which can be recycled… I’m still processing my feelings on it all really but I suspect my eventual conclusion will be that perhaps I was not the target audience for it. We did talk to some great people representing some great products though and are hopeful of building further contacts as a result.

Spring is fully in the air, tomorrow the clocks go forward and we have all the best of the year ahead of us, I can’t wait to get digging, planting, feel the sun on my bare arms, watch the childrens’ hair go from dark blonde to white blonde again and have somewhere real to refer to when I say ‘let’s go home’.

2 thoughts on “Rum minus 30”

  1. Wow, it all sounds to be going so smoothly- I hope it continues to do so! So exciting that you have a countdown already 🙂
    I’m annoyed with you on the glossy tat- how dare they have that kind of rubbish, but, as you say, they have a different target audience (people who don’t LIVE it, just dabble and have money to pay for it all, perhaps- including glossy brochures?) I’m not bitter, I’m not bitter, lol. Its not a nice feeling though, when you hope to really get something out of going somewhere and realise you aren’t the expected customer type.

  2. Well done on your de-cluttering!

    Sounds like you’ve had a good week – great that you’ve made some contacts through Ecobuild, even though it was a little disappointing.

    Not long now!

    Kay 🙂

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