Roll up,roll up…

Untitled by nicgee
Untitled, a photo by nicgee on Flickr.

So, it’s finished, well as finished as it will get this side of spring anyway. The sides are still plain and I may well come up with something to adorn them. Davies is going to paint some pebbles to sit on top of it with various prices for eggs, jam and other produce so that we can change prices as and when.

I am really pleased with it, it looks just as I had hoped it would. 

The highest praise possible has been bestowed upon it by Ady who has suggested that I next do a similar job on the horsebox – this is practically a commisssion! And proof indeed that he has also crossed to the dark side of gypsy inspired, more is more, we’re not in Kansas any more Toto excesses. 

So… an old freezer which houses free range eggs, foraged jams and jellies and croft grown fresh fruit and vegetable is one thing, just what do you paint pictures of on a repurposed horse box which is home to a composting toilet????

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