Reasons to be cheerful…

One: We’re free to wonder and wander
Two: The world is beautiful
Three: We can share it with you thanks to Three

One of the most important skills I believe we possess is communication. The ability to articulate ourselves, use language to make our needs, our views, our ideas, our emotions understood and got across to others. There are so many different ways to communicate – talking, writing, art, body language, facial expression, singing, playing instruments, shouting, actions…

I like to talk. I try to adhere to the rule of two eyes, two ears, one mouth and do twice the amount of watching and listening as I do talking, but I do love to talk. I also love to write. I have written something somewhere since I very first learnt to write. With a chunky crayon on scrap paper as a little girl, in countless tear smudged diaries through my teens and in latter years tapped through a keyboard and uploaded to blogs that float somewhere out in cyberspace.

When we embarked on this journey we knew communicating with family, friends, random strangers who found us online and were interested in our adventure, WWOOF hosts would be a priority. We would need some internet access and we researched the options. From talking to friends and looking online we found our about the Mifi from Three. A nifty little device that allows you to connect multiple things to it and creates it’s own little wireless hotspot with high speed internet to phones, laptops, games consoles.

For eight happy months we have uploaded blog posts and photos (oh so many photos), downloaded music and streamed iplayer and youtube. We have emailed, shopped, googled, skyped and generally retained our connection to the rest of the world. It is compact, lightweight, has amazing battery life, as good if not better coverage than the various phones we have on different networks, charges by USB / mains / car charger and is an all round vital bit of our kit.

But last weekend disaster struck! The Mifi was disconnected and we were left stranded. But never fear, by the power of technology (anyone else thinking of He Man now?) and friends and truly exceptional service we managed to get a message to Three who swung into action and within hours we had arranged for the nearest post office to accept a parcel for us and 24 hours later we were in reciept of the new and improved version of Mifi on all you can eat tariff

I can’t praise Three enough really – their customer service, speed of response and communication skills are faultless and first class. The Mifi is an outstanding product – whether you live in a campervan and travel around like us (admittedly a fairly small niche market!) or are on the road a lot for work, or simply as an very good alternative to home broadband.

My communication brought to you using high tech communication tools and a fantastic communications company. Everyone playing to their strengths.

This post, as with all of the post since we’ve been on the road is brought to you thanks to the Mifi from Three.

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