Predators and parasites

Not a comment on the other islanders – honest!

An observation on some of the other challenges of island living though. Please don’t carry on reading if you are eating or of a sensitive disposition!

Here on Rum we share our gorgeous island with some pesky non-human types including microscopic menaces such as ticks and midges and some rather larger nusiances such as the hooded crows (known as ‘hoodies’) and deer. Not all wildlife is great all the time.

We’ve been losing eggs to the hoodies, blood and sleep and sanity to the midges and ticks and if we are not very cunning we’ll be losing crops to the deer too.

There are solutions – Bonnie has been tick & flea treated, we’ve been burning endless incence sticks and midge net proofing the static, we have a tick removal tool and everyone reeks of midge repellant and is getting good at self checking for ticks.

We’ve all had some worms – both us and the pigs! Inevitable with the level of animal handling I guess but a hassle getting the treatment sorted by post and the expense and wait. The pigs had already been wormed so this was the passing of the worms rather than anything new.

I’ve also been having some internet woes – I can’t get into my emails and although it is more or less sorted out now the combination of reduced time to spend online anyway and very reduced electricity means it’s been far less straightforward to deal with than it might have been.

Someone said to us when we arrived here that everything feels magnified way beyond the perspective you would have on the mainland. This is partially true just because you are able to give things way more focus than you might have time or energy for in a ‘normal’ world and partially due to everything genuinely being more of an issue to put right and deal with.

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