Power Cuts, Bridges Closed, Phone lines Down

Of course none of these things affect us in our off grid way but the cause of the widespread disruption in our area certainly still affects us massively. The weather. Cancelled boats, intermittent internet and of course the havoc that the wind here can wreak.

We have gotten off very lightly I think. All livestock is fine, repairs to various housing in the crazy weather conditions were required but that’s fine. The caravan remains still standing, in one piece and with most of the weather still on the outside. Phew. There is more wind to come and I suspect the nights lying awake wondering if this will be the gust which blows the roof off at 3am are not over just yet but we’ll count our blessings while we have them.

The community polytunnel which we were the only users of last year is now almost entirely without polythene. We tried to do a fix up on it after the storms last week but the wind never died down sufficiently for us to get close enough without the high risk of getting hurt by flapping polythene, plus we were pretty darn busy just surviving in gathering firewood, feeding the animals and keeping ourselves together. Never mind, it is just a piece of plastic. We have had plenty of offers of help to get a replacement fitted in the spring and just as soon as the wind does drop sufficiently (maybe tomorrow) we will go and preform a tidy up operation and restore some order to the area.

So, no house plot digging this week, or indeed this year so far. Instead we have been busy with admin, paperwork and organisation stuff and starting to co-ordinate the volunteer plan for the spring. We have sent out the first subscribers newsletter of the year (want to sign up for those? click here) and are really excited at the prospect of filling Croft 3 with people, productivity and fun this year.

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