Oh hello Feburary

We Goddards rather cling to February. It has a magical, mystical quality that we look toward through the winter months. The trepidation of November when all the worst is still ahead, the dark days of December when we are lucky to see six hours of daylight let alone an appearance by the sun, the bitter cold of January. In February it can still rain for days on end, gales can still come, boats are still cancelled, snow is still sitting atop the high peaks. But the promise of spring is there. Buds are appearing on the fruit trees, the sun is climbing higher in the sky each day and when it shines you can feel the warmth coming from it. The chickens are starting to lay eggs again and now we are just days and weeks away from the turn of the season rather than months.

The last four years have had us waiting for February – in 2012 it was to hear if we had the croft or not. In 2013, 2014 and 2015 we have been telling ourselves if we can just get to February then we have pretty much survived another winter here in the caravan. Part of our strategy for getting through this winter was to have something to look forward to at the other end. So while we’ve been digging the cob build project in the snow, evacuating the static to sleep at friends houses in the village when the winds ripped the polytunnel plastic from it’s frame, the morning we had no water or gas because both had frozen solid, the weeks on end of mopping windows, walls, ceilings dripping with condensation we have been thinking about February – if we can just get to February.

We are heading off the island at the end of this coming week for 12 whole days. We have friends looking after Bonnie and the other croft creatures, we have train tickets and accommodation booked and we are off back to MainlandLand for a top up on all things cultured, commercial and crazy. We have a few nights staying at a friend’s in Edinburgh for museum, zoo, shopping, cinema. Then a week in the relative calm of Fort William with two sets of friends coming to stay too. Davies and Scarlett have an Outward Bound adventure weekend crammed into the middle of all that too. Oh and a trip to the dentist!

This week is looking typically Rum with meetings, responsibilities, things to get done before we go, newsletter to get ready to print, final trip arrangements to make. When we get back there is only a week or so of February left. I think this month will go really fast.

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