Officially homeless

Today we closed the front door of the house behind us and handed the keys over the letting agents. Then drove off, in the pouring rain to stay with family for our first night in the van.

The house clean and empty took longer than expected, well probably not longer than expected as realistically you always expect these things to take longer than you expected! But by lunchtime we were driving away from the house. We’re currently still a two vehicle family, with my car along for the journey til the weekend when we’ll put it into storage. This gives us the luxury of deciding we didn’t need some things after all and keeping a few others in back up status for a day or two. So far we have already decided one pillow each will be enough (we’d initially packed two), halved the volume of fleecy blankets, taken out the spare just-in-case sleeping bag each Ady thought we should bring along and been far more ruthless with kitchen equipment than we’d had in our original plans.

We’ve had a lovely evening with Ady’s brother and family who have fed us, given us hints and tips about campervan living (having done it themselves a few years ago) and I have my first lesson learnt of not accepting that final cup of tea as I’m about to leave the snuggly cosiness of my sleeping bag and christen the portapotty toilet!

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