Moving Buddy. If you haven’t got one, GET ONE!

We’ve got a Moving Date. We also have a Leaving Date, a Getting On The Ferry Date, a Static Arrives Today Date and various dates inbetween. That’s what happens when your old address and your new address are 600 miles and a ferry trip away from each other and your new address doesn’t technically exist yet.

This morning we spent about an hour with a calendar trying to piece together and work backwards and forward with dates. Having got the static booked for 25th April and needing to arrive before that does we have gone for 20th April which is a Friday and there is a lunchtime ferry crossing which is preferable for getting to the port without having to be up at stupid o clock. Once we’d done that and booked the ferry we started realising how much else we had to do.

So today has been spent finding places to stay on the way up, ringing the ferry port several times to check about various things including carrying petrol, delivery of large and heavy items like sheds. Various emails whizzed through cyberspace between us and Rum, us and suppliers of jerry cans and bottled gas and chicken sheds.

It’s all happening and in progress.

On the home front we had a viewing here yesterday but the feedback was that the house is lovely but the garden too small (they had 3 children). Dragon and Star disproved such theories by spending the entire day today playing out in the garden and loving every minute of it mind you. Late this afternoon we took a phonecall from the agent to ask if we’d be happy to let to someone with 2 cats and a small dog (we have a ‘pets by arrangement’ clause (or should that be claws?)) which we are, so fingers crossed that may result in a viewing in the next few days. It would be great to get the house let out before we leave.

At the weekend we swap our people carrier for a 4 wheel drive. I am looking forward to putting my Crofting car sticker in the window (I got it on my course but have been saving it specially!).

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