Milestone Moments

As April draws to a close we are catching our breath here on the croft. Last weekend we were off the island meeting up with new friends for a surprise birthday party spent in the gorgeous spring sunshine on the beach. A fleeting mainland trip taking in a music event, getting to know new friends who’s lives have criss crossed with ours so many times over the last 10 years that it is a miracle we have not managed to meet before now. So much in common meant that a few hours over a glass of wine or two soon remedied that and we felt like old friends within a very short space of time.


We returned home on the ferry with the first two volunteers of 2015. By a quirk of coincidence it happened to be our third anniversary on Rum. A similar type of day weatherwise with sun shining, a gorgeous calm crossing and a not dissimilar feeling of trepidation. We were met at the ferry by our friend who had been Bonnie sitting so had an excited dog welcoming us home too. We loaded our stuff, our volunteers stuff and one of the volunteers into the car with Ady and the rest of us walked to the pier. Tea, cakes (mainland junk food cakes!) and chats with the volunteers before we left them to settle in and pitch their tents.

For various reasons we were not around as we had initially intended when we arranged for these volunteers to be with us this week but that certainly did not prevent them from doing an amazing job of removing the top soil from the cob house footprint. Suddenly we can really see the space where our new home may stand. It was very sad not to have as much time to work alongside and really get to know our volunteers as that is usually one of the real highlights of having people here but their presence meant our absence was negated and they did an fantastic job of replacing our labour this week.

So, onto the next phase, a little more digging and clearing and then we are onto filling it all back in again with gravel and drainage.

Meanwhile this past week has seen bright sunshine worthy of t shirts, hail and really quite heavy snow with freezing winds and bitter temperatures. Punctuated today with the first signs of the midges. Ah Rum, never allowing us the opportunity for complacency or feeling mundane.

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