Merry Christmas

Storm Barbara and the winds bringing her here and blowing her away again have been responsible for three cancelled ferries. We’ve not had a boat since Monday and looking ahead at the weather forecast I think the earliest possible one to come will be next Tuesday.

Both Davies and Scarlett will have IOU’s under the Christmas tree as gifts have not arrived yet, an order of food and some bottle of fizz, a delivery of animal feed and various other bits and pieces are all sitting at the pier in Mallaig waiting. There are people on Rum who were not expecting to be and several people who had planned to be here on Rum for Christmas but are not.

If we didn’t have so many commitments here on the croft we’d probably be visiting family at Christmas. If we didn’t have such challenging living conditions making it impossible to host guests at this time of year we would probably be hosting visiting family this Christmas.

But Christmas really isn’t about the last minute supermarket dash, the stress of what you do and don’t have, what may or may not be under the tree and the pressure of just 24 hours. So none of that matters at all. The ferry will come, and when it does we will really appreciate what it brings us regardless of the date. We’re spending a week with family in a few weeks time, in a location we can all travel to and comfortably stay in so we can celebrate all of the festive occasions we’ve missed over past month (birthdays, Christmas, new year, anniversaries). We are blessed, grateful, thankful, safe, warm and have much to look forward to. We hope all our readers are able to count the same blessings this Christmas.


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