Meanwhile on the mainland

It’s been a busy few weeks. We had a visit from a friend, much beloved by all here on Rum and known on island as ‘Prosecco Mairi’. A flying visit but packed with plenty of fun, love and laughter, exchanging of gossip, gifts and news. We packed in a walk up my hill, a night of socialising to celebrate one of the islander’s birthdays along with a ping pong tournament in the village hall, some star gazing and much setting the world to rights.

There was a communal Ladies Lunch for Rum’s fine women complete with a bring and share meal.

I have been busy making clocks to order – it started with one clock which quickly became two clocks and then suddenly became three clocks. I am confident the BBC won’t be after me for royalties or to chase up their licencing rights….

Ady’s done some fantastic path maintenance which means we canĀ stillĀ walk up and down the croft in shoes rather than wellies – completely unheard of previously for this time of year.

We’ve had some spectacular sunrises and sunsets

I’ve been up my hill as many times as possible

We enjoyed a mad 48 hours on the mainland utterly jam packed to maximum efficiency. We managed medical appointments (routine, nothing scary) for both Ady and I including one for me which was very long overdue, Scarlett’s postponed birthday meal, some festive food and drink shopping and a rather inconvenient but beautiful nonetheless lengthier than usual due to disrupted ferry timetables meaning we were at sea for sunset boat trip.

We’ve watched many festive films, mulled lots of wine, eaten plenty of mince pies, made lots of gifts and are ready for the big day.

Christmas is pretty special but since living here on Rum we have also begun to truly celebrate winter solstice. And by celebrate I mean look forward to it, feel heartened by it’s arrival and the lengthening of the days and the bringing back the light that it marks and symbolises. In a life where every season brings it’s joys and challenges and we are as grateful for the winter gifts as the summer bounty we are all the same grateful for the promise of longer, brighter days ahead. We celebrated with sparklers, a small fire and hot chocolates under the full solstice moon.

Scarlett made a fab-yule-lous choclolate log cake.

For the first time we can remember here the weather is kind all over the Christmas period and although snow would be very nice we’ll take calm and still over almost any other weather on offer.

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