Meanwhile in the shop…

Croft 3 In The Shed is doing really well with very promising first year sales. It’s been so interesting to chart what works and what doesn’t, which jam flavours are most popular (bramble and rose, bramble and violet), which postcard photographs are selling best (Davies’ castle picture, Ady’s washing line full of drying laundry), which crocheted midge colour appeals to people the most (blue, by far!). My retail background is coming into play and I am spotting patterns in hot spots for display even in such a tiny space.

I’ve been moving things around, playing with signage and labelling and introducing new lines all the time. The most recent being the feather crafts – hat pins, key rings and hairslides along with hand painted quills, and painted glasses featuring midges and other wildlife.

We aim to have a variety of price points in the shop from £1 for postcards to £20 for scarves and everything inbetween. A mix of gifts for people to take away, souvenirs from their trip to Rum, quirky and fun reminders of what Rum is famous for, produce from the Croft, crafts reflecting our particular skills and above all things we would actually want to buy ourselves. Our rule is that is has to be something we actually enjoy making in the first place and something we would buy.

We’re also noticing trends in what different demographic of Rum visitors might be interested in – day trippers from some boats are looking for something to pick up to say ‘I was there’, people staying for a few nights are more likely to want eggs, jam or other produce (we’ve been doing well on freshly baked bread orders too). People visiting Rum on their own yachts seem to hang around the shop taking photos of themselves but don’t actually buy much…


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