Mainland of Opportunities

We are well into our fourth month here now and have settled in very well. Life is a good blend of busy and enjoyable and all those various opportunities we left Rum in search of are certainly here for the taking.

Ady is now working most evenings at a local tearoom where the owner is ‘over the moon with him’ as she told my parents when they were up visiting us recently. He is learning loads, really enjoying the feeling of being part of a team, meeting lots of people and despite the working hours being a bit on the unsociable side is finding it a positive and fun experience.

Davies is now fully trained and volunteering a couple of shifts a week for the helpline of a local charity. He had his results of his first year’s study just today and achieved a distinction. His next module starts in the autumn so he still has a couple of months away from his studies and is focusing on launching his art business. He is hoping to get sales locally and online. Please do check out his various places to see and buy his wonderful art and give him a follow / like. He’s on facebook instagram and etsy.

Scarlett is also working on a lot of art, alongside continuing to litter pick and of course her fantastic baking and cake decorating. Fortunately we have plenty of eggs now so she has been venturing into cooking too and perfecting her egg fried rice among other dishes. She has been taste testing her ideas for entering the local show in a few weeks getting us to rate the flavours, textures, decorations and appearance. It’s a tough job but we’re just about managing!

I’m pretty busy too, although I am making sure I still find plenty of time for the things that make me happy – crafty things like crochet and decorating some pots for our lavender plants, tending the strawberries, hanging out with the chickens, playing my ukulele, baking and of course taking lovely long bubble baths.

But when I’m not ‘messing about’ with things like that I’ve also been doing my youth work, holiday cottage cleaning, working as a supervisor at the local community centre where I’m going to be running some events in months to come as well as helping out at regular music and film events. Perhaps most excitingly though I have been doing lots of writing for the local paper – Oban and Lochaber Times where I have been contributing as a freelance reporter. I’ve had two articles published already and have another couple due in this weeks paper with more interviews and stories lined up to cover this week.

I always wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I hope this doesn’t mean I am a grown up now though!

We had a lovely visit from my parents. It’s still a very, very long way from Sussex to come and see us but at least the ferry trip now is a 5 minute one running every half an hour and you can drive all the way to our front door! They also get their own bedroom instead of evicting us from ours to sleep on the floor of the caravan and even have a toilet and shower room to themselves here.

We managed to show them plenty of the locations they are hearing about in our new lives and also finally get my Mum to the Isle of Skye, which has been on her list of destinations to visit for many more years than we’ve been living here in Scotland.

Life is good. Filled with opportunities that we are making the absolute most of every day.

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