Mainland Germ Invasion

Since we moved to Rum we’re the healthiest we’ve ever been. Despite getting our water direct from the river, living in a damp caravan and excepting Ady’s helicopter ride we are all really thriving. Part of it is the more active lifestyle of course and the lack of access to junk food. We have cooked from scratch for years and probably have access to far less fresh fruit and veg these days but a lot of it must be down to lack of exposure to germs I reckon.

Of course this falls apart in the visitors season, or when we go off to the mainland ourselves. Lack of exposure means lack of building up resistance and immunity to all those germs so a cold tends to sweep the whole island with everyone falling like dominoes.

This week has seen our first cold of the year, fortunately we have all mostly had it together although Scarlett was a few days infront of the rest of us (meaning we looked after her and now she is returning the favour), so coughs, sneezes and plenty of groaning abound here at Goddard Heights this weekend. We are off tomorrow for a mainland trip to the dentist so Ady is already compiling a shopping list of cold and flu remedies, I am looking forward to fresh orange juice and a bubble bath with something menthol in it.

I planted out the first peas earlier this week. Of course there was a fall of snow that very evening on the high peaks, so we’ll see how they fare but I needed the room in the polytunnel to get the next lot of sowing done.

snowy peaks

raised beds


The raised beds seem to have done well for the seaweed mulch over winter. We now have 2 beds of garlic, asparagus, strawberries, peas and leeks. I have more peas and stuff like cabbage, kale and broccoli ready to plant out too. All the herbs have germinated so our herb spiral should be nice and productive this year – Ady is planning a herbs in oil produce line to sell, so they will be put to good use if we have any excess.

While incapacitated (yes I’ve made the most of being coldy!) I’ve been playing with crochet and needle felting to increase the midge range of bits and pieces for sale. Needle felting still needs some work but the fiddly amigurumi crochet midge is coming along well…



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