Long goodbyes

The limbo is almost over.

A year ago today we arrived at our very first WWOOF host, a year ago tonight we were sleeping in a tent. It got down to minus four twice in that first week, we were in bed by 8pm, having worked the hardest we’d ever worked before in our lives carrying wood up and down hills. We lived on vegan fayre, alcohol free after a life just days previously where we drank every night, ate meat every day and had baths, beds and sofas not to mention central heating, electricity and Sky TV. It was the biggest culture shock of our entire lives and yet when we left just two weeks later I cried because it was such a wrench. Dragon and Star still cite that host as their favourite and not a week goes by without us mentioning someone or something from there.

Fast forward a year and tonight we are sleeping in real beds. We’ve had a dinner of supermarket purchased food, lovely warm baths and a glass of wine after dinner. But this is temporary… and for all it is lovely to be enjoying the hospitality of friends we are all itching to get started on the next chapter of our lives. We are researching, emailing, phoning, writing in notepads and planning almost constantly. With every conversation with each other and everyone else we are coming up with yet more questions, more answers and more ideas. It is such an exciting, daunting and invigorating time for us.

We still don’t have firm timescales, we still have so much yet to sort out but we have some firm starting points to work from and I am very hopeful that within the next week or so we will have a leaving Sussex / arriving in Rum date to start planning everything else around. We have chosen a static but need to pay for it and arrange delivery. We have a list of things we need to get ordered and arranged ready to swing into action on. We need to make decisions on our house – do we engage another estate agent? Put it back on the rental market? Drop the price? We have the remainder of our belongings to start sorting through and make tough decisions on as to whether we should bring them to Rum with us, get rid of them or find long term storage for them. I don’t want or need my wedding dress in the static on a croft but I don’t want to get rid of it forever either. We are realising the need to stock up on some items (loo roll! toothpaste!) that may be costlier to get delivered to the island, working out what we can buy from the shop (which is excellent, well stocked and very worthy of our support and patronage). I know our new postcode now, just not our address!

We all have that ‘end of term’ type feeling I think – the end is in sight, we are excited and raring to go. This next month will be full on and intense and I imagine we’ll be in need of a holiday at the end of it. Fortunately we will have the most amazing destination to relax and get used to our surroundings in.

2 thoughts on “Long goodbyes”

  1. Oooh, sounds busy, fabulous and amazing. Hope it all goes smoothly. Though, when you get there I doubt it’ll be THAT relaxing. But a wonderful place to be busy!
    We feel to be moving slightly in the wrong direction- but I think it will harden our resolve and get us moving quicker after baby.If these houses will ever sell!
    Good luck and fingers crossed for a quick sellxxx

  2. When we sold our house in 2002, we decided to sell at a reduced price straight away & we sold within 2 days! It still took 3 months to go through, which was just enough time to have several garage sales, pack & find work in Cornwall.

    There will still be lots to do when you arrive on Rum, but it will also feel like you’re on a long holiday! When you move to live in a beautiful place – everyday has the wow factor…

    Enjoy making your plans!

    Kay 🙂

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