Leaving, learning, returning

A full on weekend for all four of us, existing for once in different spaces up to different things.

For Ady a birthday – not a ‘big’ birthday, just 52. I asked him in the morning whether he felt like a grown up yet. He said ‘Not really’ to which we had to surmise he probably never will then. That’s a relief, I am not at all sure I’d be any good at being married to a grown up, it might mean I had to try being one as well! Full on turkey sitting duties – Mrs Turkey duly hatched 8 of her 11 eggs. The other three have disappeared so quite possibly had been cast out or even eaten by her in the four weeks she has been sitting on them. One hatchling was not properly out of it’s egg but a fair way from the nest, which again may have been at Mrs Turkey’s doing. Ady brought her in and Scarlett made it’s brief life comfortable but it didn’t make it.



Of the remaining 7 we have lost one but the other 6 are doing well with a fair bit of co-parenting happening with the turkey hen and stag. They are pretty well camouflaged on the croft although obviously the crows and ravens know they are there. We will keep counting them daily and keeping everything crossed for as many reaching adulthood as possible. Ady says it’s been like having toddlers again for the weekend, constantly watching and checking and head counting them all.

He has also been pen building in preparation of the arrival of the latest Croft 3 creatures – a pair of pea hens.


Ady LOVES peacocks and has hankered after keeping peafowl forever so while it is mostly folly to add them to our flock of Croft 3 creatures as they are unlikely to provide us with much in the way of egg sales or meat we do have plans to do some crafty things with the stunning feathers. But mostly they are here because Ady wanted them. The pair of hens have been mated so will lay fertilised eggs for the next few weeks meaning in theory we could hatch more. I am also hoping to get a further peahen and 3 peacocks over in the not too distant future. If we’re going to be King and Queen of Croft 3 we may as well have peacocks strutting across our lawns!

Davies and Scarlett have been making the most of having friends around over the weekend so been out and about roaming the island.

And I’ve been off. Again. This time to fulfil one of my aspirations for this year of learning more about beekeeping. A friend had organised a weekend course with Phil Chandler – also known as The Barefoot Beekeeper. Perfect timing – a stunning, and local (all things being relative!) location at the Glenuig Village Hall, an opportunity for a weekend visit to stay with friends, to learn more about a subject I am really interested in by an inspirational and very much in tune with my general philosophies teacher, the chance to meet and connect with likeminded people also attending the course all handily coinciding with being able to collect the peahens to bring them back to Rum. It all fell beautifully in to place.

So I have returned, inspired, educated and enthused ready to take the next steps into adventures in beekeeping. Watch this space for more on that.beecourse


I enjoyed ferry trips out and back sat chatting to people which always both makes the trip go so much quicker but is also a lovely way to spend time – Rum friends on the way out and a regular visitor and ex resident on the way back. The woman we got the peahens from turned out to have lived on Rum in her childhood, which was even more special.

As always though it is simply lovely to be home again.

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