Jaunts and Adventures

We’ve been away. Away from Rum and back visiting old lives, old friends and family.

Poor weather meant we ended up away for even longer than we’d first planned but it’s not a bad time of year to be away from our caravan. It was a shame to have missed some heavy snow here for the photo opportunities and the beauty that is Rum under a heavy coating of white, but fortunately we had plenty of photos posted up by fellow islanders to look at instead.

Our first stop on our time off was Greater Manchester, in a little cottage for a week. It was lovely; a cosy, warm, beautiful little house with everything we could possibly need. Close enough to the nearest town to walk in for supplies, close enough to Manchester city to drive in – which we did lots!

To collect and drop off friends from the airport 

To go to a Welcome to Nightvale live show (as the introduction speech went ‘if you have never been to a Nightvale show before you are in for a weird evening. If you have been to a Nightvale show before you are in for a weird evening’). Davies was interviewed in the queue outside

We had a fabulous weekend with friends, some up from Sussex, some over from Northern Ireland.

There was singing, dancing, eating, drinking, laughing, talking and general merriment. There was not much sleeping….

Family from Manchester came to visit us 

and we managed a trip to the Trafford Centre

And it snowed! Which was both amazing because it was so beautiful….

and a bit rubbish because it meant that a get together with another set of friends we’d been really hoping to see had to be cancelled due to the weather / driving conditions / planned meeting being a walk with our dogs.

After a very enjoyable week we headed even further south down to my parents. Another lovely stay with lots of time spent with Mum & Dad, my brother and his son, both my sister-in-laws and our nieces and nephews. I met a friend for lunch, Ady, Davies and Scarlett had a trip to the cinema, walks along the beach and onto the pier and some very successful charity shop trawling trips where our required items of four hand luggage sized suitcases for a trip later this year were met for less than we’d have paid for one new, plus my search for new walking boots was met with not one but two pairs for less money than I’d had refunded for the pair that fell apart after just a few months use. Ady and I helped Dad fit a bit of shower screen and I helped Dad put together a garden store. We helped dig several large currant bushes out of one place and replant them in another.

We chased sunsets a few times – on the beach, up on the south downs. I had a wonderful sunset walk along Worthing beach and pier when I met the others from the cinema and managed to see flocks of starlings murmerating over the pier before swooping down to land underneath it to roost for the night. Scarlett fed the gulls on the beach one day too.

Despite the motorway path back up north home being long and mostly boring we did have some amazing birding spots though – loads of buzzards over the M25, huge numbers of red kites over the M40 and several large mumerations of starlings over the M6.

As always returning to Rum is a mixed bag of emotions – sadness to leave behind family and friends, the relative ease in many aspects of mainland life and all it offers. Joy to return to the place that definitely feels like home in my heart, reluctance to settle once more in the caravan yet comfort at once more having our belongings around us; drinking tea from my own mug, using my own kitchen utensils to cook with, laying my hands on something as soon as I think I may want it. Life on the road has many delights but settling into a place called home, wherever that might be trumps them all for now.

The time off has given us pause to consider further our next steps though and the search for the right path ahead continues. More on that in posts to come.

2 thoughts on “Jaunts and Adventures”

  1. We have just been watching about your family on tv. We’re amazed at how you have persevered. Not exactly conventional are you! Good luck for the future, whatever you decide to do. You deserve it.

    All the very best

    Terry and Viv

    Ps. When’s the book?

    1. Hi Terry and Viv,

      Thanks for stopping by, hope you stick around and have a read 😀
      No, we’re definitely not conventional… we often joke that one day Davies or Scarlett might sit us down and confess that actually what they would really like to do is wear a suit and work 9-5!

      A book is most definitely on the (long) list of things I’d like to do next. Who knows, maybe our next chapter may well involve that.

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