Is it really only a week?

Since we arrived back in Sussex. It has been crazily busy and it feels like we need a holiday despite the fact we’ve not officially worked for over a year!

It’s been lovely to have use of a kitchen this week and I’ve baked bread and made dinners from scratch. The washing machine (which will soon become a distant luxurious memory again, we’ll not have access to such technology on our croft!) has been working overtime as we have dug all our clothes out from storage, worked out what we’re taking with us and washed and dried them all ready to pack for moving. Spring has sprung sufficiently to be drying clothes on the washing line which is always a marker of warmer days.

Today we bought a box of grass seed to repair the lawn where our bantams used to live and we booked the carpet fitter to come round next week. New flooring inside and out!

We have rearranged the static delivery for a couple of weeks later and I’ve been contacting friends to make arrangements to get together with people and take advantage of our slightly longer stay down here before we move for good. I popped into the library (where I used to work) to use the printer today so caught up with some ex colleagues too which is always nice. Star said rather loudly ‘it’s not as organised in here as it used to be when you worked here’ which fortunately made the people who overheard laugh rather than take offence. I’m not sure it was true anyway but I certainly wouldn’t have made that much difference in my 11 hours a week!

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