Inside and out

We’ve been starting to put the croft to bed for the winter a little bit. I’ve taken all the netting off the raised beds which are done (there are four left still netted – carrots, parsnips, leeks, cabbages and strawberries) and we’re feeding the birds on those beds to clear them down to earth level before covering them with mulch – either seaweed or manure. The birds are loving this, plenty of fresh stuff and worms for them to eat while they scratch up weeds and tread in their own manure. Permaculture in action.

I’ve cleared all the various bits and pieces of rubbish which seem to collect, tidied up the tools and we’ve burned some of the rubbish. Ady put up a windbreak to protect the polytunnel and fixed a hole where crows have been sitting on the top and pecking. We think they must have been after the spiders they could see through the plastic inside. The windbreak is a bit experimental but we had the posts and netting not being used for anything just now (part of our nursery pen kit we put up around broody birds and their chicks and take down again once they are grown) so it seemed worth experimenting.


I decided to tackle the shed floor with gloss paint mixed with a couple of handfuls of sand to make my own version of yacht paint. It worked! It’s creating a great non slip surface in there although I may do a second coat. Then we can put a door mat inside to encourage folk to wipe their feet and it should stay looking good.

shed flor

While sitting on the floor painting inside the shed I realised how beautifully the window framed Rum in autumn.

autumn shed

I then painted the Croft 3 in the shed above the door, it will need outlining and swirls once that is dry.


Of course me infront of a blank shed with a paintbrush in my hand is like a toddler with a crayon standing next to a lounge wall and so despite not planning to decorate the side of the shed I found myself doing this…


and then this…


and now I have very ambitious plans to tackle a turkey painting on there too. I was encouraged by children! More on that as it happens.

The new ducklings are settling in well. We let them out and about a bit today putting them back in the fruit cage at night. They have already got the hang of following people around for food


and found their way down to the river for a swim and met the other ducks.


first river swim

Meanwhile inside it was Christmas cake making day yesterday with our customary picture of everyone having their turn at stirring the mixture and making a wish.





This is the fourth set of these annual pictures here in the caravan – amazing to see how much Davies and Scarlett have grown.

Once the falling darkness means outside stuff can’t be done any more for the day I’ve been working on signs indoors. Signs to direct people to the shed and signs to go inside the shed for our various arts, crafts and produce.


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