Inching forwards…

Our mini greenhouses have all arrived at last, after a freak north wind blew them all over we have now tethered them with a bar across so they are secure. This has doubled the under plastic space we have for sowing seeds for next year. I have just bought some more strawberry plants to put out in one of the larger raised beds and we’ll make a plastic cloche to go over them so that next year we have even more strawberries. I cherish this notion that one day we may even have excess strawberries to make jam with but based on how quickly the four of us have polished off the early crop so far this year I suspect that will remain a dream.



All of the tomato plants are now potted on and spread out in the polytunnel, peas are all planted out, herbs are in the spiral or a few have been put into larger pots to stay in the polytunnel. I may yet do some more sowing seeds but for now it’s about watering and pondering when to feed with comfrey tea. I should make some more comfrey tea actually, the transplanted comfrey I grew from seed last year is thriving and the flowers are attracting bees while the leaves could be brewing up some wonderful liquid plant food.

I’ve been re-netting the fruit cage this week but some of the much repaired original section is now too patched together to stretch and patch again so I have ordered some new netting, The old stuff will have a new lease of life as the top for our new nursery pens – Ady and I did our finest making good use of the things that everyday folk leave behind and have been constructing chicken houses and runs with old pallet wood.


chicken house

Two of the four we’ve made already have mother chickens and their offspring in them, we’ll move new hatchlings in as they arrive.

In business endeavours the shed continues to do really well, another four midges sold this week, along with a couple of scarves. I’ve been setting aside an hour each morning to crochet replacements – introducing tartan midge and rainbow midge, the latest additions.

rainbow midge

tartan midge


The real life midges are making their presence felt of an evening and we’ve been collecting them up each morning ready to set in resin for keyrings. My resin was discovered all hardened into one large lump still in it’s bottle so more is on order. That bulk purchase last year to get a cheaper price proved a false economy…

The bell tent now has rainbow guy lines, bunting and solar fairy lights arrived today, as did the stove and cooking set so we’ll be getting everything set up and cosy in there. Also arrived today was the pipe to run water up to the shed where the compost loo will be so we can plumb in a sink for washing up. Ady’s already set up the water, we hope to get the loo and sink all set up over the weekend. We already have our first booking for the tent and have had plenty of interest so fingers crossed that will prove to be popular.

It’s been a busy week but we’ve still fitted in plenty of sitting in the sunshine with a beer, chatting to friends and our weekly boat trip.

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