Hotting up the season

Although someone could do with telling the weather that – in the last few days we have had cancelled ferries, gale force winds, hail, rain and SNOW!

Whatever Rum thinks is happening outside though we are still getting busy indoors preparing for the Coming Of The Tourists. The summer ferry timetable starts at the end of this week, we are collecting eggs from all six types of bird on the croft (duck egg not pictured as we always eat those as pancakes straight away!)

L-R Goose, turkey, chicken, guinea fowl, bantam.

Scarlett had a candle making marathon yesterday and has ordered in a load of supplies ready for the next batch, been working on some new design ideas and come up with a fab logo which is being printed off ready to make labels.

candle logo

Davies has ordered the next print run of this years postcard designs and been working on a very funny and engaging poster with some cunning marketing techniques.



I spent the morning labelling jams and finishing off number 11 in the 2015 range of Moods of Rum scarves. I have two more designs to complete and then I’ll be working on back up stock in anticipation of sales.


Tomorrow mornings task is bagging and labelling the dried flower pot pourri I made last autumn and making little boxes for the midges in resin. Then delivering them all down to Rum Crafts ready for opening day on Good Friday. I also need to clean out the Honesty Larder at the croft gate ready to start stocking it with our eggs and jams.

I’ve been exchanging emails with volunteers and booking people to come and help us out this year and have a couple more writing articles requested to get cracking on. Mostly though I am looking forward to the weather playing nice so I can actually get outside and start making things happen on the croft.

Finally I know that most of you are not here for the croft 3 updates at all but the cute piglet photos…



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  1. Hadn’t realised it was a stag weather vane until looking at the postcard drawing. Also love the snorting stags on the map one.

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